Eicher pro 6031

Eicher Pro 6031 is the new generation 31 ton GVW truck, all set to redefine the trucking experience with its unmatched overall performance. Equipped with highly fuel efficient 4 cylinder 4 valve engine built on a global platform and a new generation cabin with host of safety and comfort features, Eicher Pro 6031 ensures higher productivity hence leading to higher profitability for its owner.

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  • Category: Heavy Duty
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ü  Best in class fuel efficiency

ü  Faster turnaround time, quick pick up and acceleration

ü  Unmatched cabin comfort with state-of-the-art features

ü  Optimized maintenance cost

ü  Superior uptime

Model: 6031

Engine: VEDX5, BSIII

Max Speed: 210 rpm

Transmission: ET90S6